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Understanding the way solar works is essential before making the decision to go solar.
Sunergy Solar Installation
Solar panels harness the UV power of the sun and transform it into energy.
Inverters take the energy from the panels and convert it into usable electricity.
Net Meter
Net Metering measures how much energy is produced from your solar panels.
Excess energy you previously sent to the grid can be pulled back later on.

Our Solar Process

The first step is meeting with one of our solar experts to get your tailored proposal and design. This is the easiest and quickest step in getting ready for your switch to sustainable energy.
1. Site Survey
Once documents are signed, our technicians will look at your roof, electrical panel, and, if needed, the attic. With that, we can finalize designs and send them to our engineering team for approval.
2. Engineering & Design
Our Engineers finalize the design, put their stamp of approval, and submit for permit.
3. Permitting
We compile all documents and records to submit to your local permitting department. Sunergy handles all paperwork with the permitting process and will inform you once everything has been completed.
4. Installation
As soon as we receive your permit, we will call and schedule your installation date based on availability.
5. City Inspection
After your install is complete, we schedule the inspection. A city representative will swing by to conduct a final approval.
6. Utility Connection
The final step is connection. Your local power company will come out to grant your system Permission to Operate (PTO) by connecting it to the power grid.

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