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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Net Metering Work?

Net metering allows your utility company to measure your energy consumption and production.
The excess power your solar panels generate is sent to your utility provider—when the sun is not out, you pull energy from the utility grid. This process of sending and receiving power is called Net Metering.

How Much Value Do Solar Panels Add To My Home?

Solar adds value to your home—just as any home improvement would. Some studies show that solar can increase your home’s value by $2,500 per kilowatt added to the property. Aside from increasing your homes value, it can also help your home sell faster.

Why Solar?

The main reasons why people go solar include:

Saving Money

  • Going solar not only saves you money day one, but also locks in your bill so you can avoid the increasing cost of power.
Going Green
  • Going solar enables you to get away from using energy from harmful sources such as coal or nuclear plants. The only thing you need to create power is the Sun.
Owning Your Own Power
  • Using traditional power sources is a lot like renting, each month you pay the power you use but you own nothing and never have an end date. Solar is owning your power because you lock in your bill and you have an end date.

Are There Any Incentives For Going Solar?

Yes! There is currently a federal tax credit of 30% of the total cost of the solar system. That includes installation and connection to the grid.

What Is The Cost Of Going Solar?

This can’t be answered the same way for every customer. Each system is designed to produced 105% of what you are currently using each year. When we design the system this way we typically are able to save customers $30-$50 on their average monthly bill. And you are locked in at the price that is quoted, so you won’t ever have to worry about energy cost increases of 4-6% that typically happen every year.

Can I Sell Energy Back To The Power Company?

Yes you can! When possible we design systems to produce more energy than you consume. At the end of the year if you have any extra energy, the power company will buy that from you.

Do You Offer Warranties?

Sunergy offers four different warranties.

  1. Workmanship Industry leading 10 Year Premium workmanship warranty.
  2. Manufacturer 25 Year limited manufacturer warranty on all equipment.
  3. Roof Penetration Industry leading 25 year roof penetration warranty.
  4. Performance 25 Year linear performance warranty with an extreme weather rating.

Florida Permit Numbers:
Solar: CVC56996, Electrical: EC13011940, Roofing: CCC1334001

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